Andy Long - Managing Director

“Technology engineering is my passion” that's how I would describe my career. At a very early age I knew I wanted to be an engineer within the electronic and technology field. Inspired and encouraged by my father, I was always very inquisitive about how things worked. Never just satisfied by playing with a new toy or gadget, often dismantling them much to my parent's disapproval! Along my career path I have been fortunate to work alongside some very talented likeminded engineers in various engineering disciplines. Now, I'm the Managing Director of DaniHar Technology Ltd. and would like the opportunity for my company to work with you.


Agata Duliniec - Sales and Marketing Director

“An eye for detail” that’s how I would describe my best attribute. I believe that this quality allowed me to progress from working as a design artist to senior roles, which organically evolved into sales with elements of marketing within technical environments.
Working in a number of different international companies, I’ve used my eye for detail and artistic skills in various ways over the years. I’m always fascinated by how things can be revitalised and re-discovered with a fresh outlook of creativity. This is what I hope to bring to DaniHar Technology Ltd. and most of all you, our customer.