Looking for a company that can deliver cost effective electronic & software design solutions under one roof?

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  • Design brief to functional design specification authoring
  • Prototyping with production engineering in mind from concept
  • Electronic and software engineering closely coupled for design and cost efficiency
  • One Company-One Solution, eliminating design ambiguities
  • Customer engagement at all times

...All under one roof

Microsoft Certified Engineering

DaniHar Technology is backed by Microsoft® certified engineering. This provides peace of mind in the knowledge that software is developed in accordance to the Microsoft® rigid certification program.

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"In my experience of Andy (MD of DaniHar Technology Ltd.), each challenge that was confronted was overcome through Andy’s professional and structured approach.
Andy was a leading member of a development team that took a product from prototype to an award winning success. I consider Andy a talented, hardworking and flexible individual who always goes above and beyond to ensure ultimate satisfaction."

Stuart Knight - Director of HORIBA UK Ltd.

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