Software Development

DaniHar Technology offer a range of software development services and capabilities. Whether your requirements are for embedded architectures, full scale PC, Mobile or Web; DaniHar Technology are the perfect partner for your business.
In the technological World we live in, software has a big influence in setting your innovations aside from the competition. This is achieved by designing software to provide feature rich products with value add. Connecting embedded architectures to IT technologies is becoming evermore commonplace with 'Internet of Things'. DaniHar Technology provide you with a toolbox of capability for your product requirements. For PC and Web based applications DaniHar Technology embrace the rich portfolio of Microsoft® technologies backed by Microsoft® certified engineering. Our toolbox also extends to C, Assembler Java, amongst many others.

Furthermore, the Windows based software solutions which DaniHar Technology develop for you, our customer, are fully Windows 10 compatible. Software will have undergone compatibility testing to help ensure they install readily and run reliably with the minimal number of unexpected interruptions for maximum up time.
Within our diverse toolbox, we have a technology to suit your needs...